Summer Education Program

Summer Education Program


North Penn High School will be offering a course recovery opportunity via the 2020 Summer School Program. Summer School will be held from Monday, June 29 to Thursday, August 6. Online instruction begins Monday, June 29 and ends Thursday, July 30. All courses are offered via an online model. Students will have to log in everyday, Monday through Thursday to complete work and to attain credit.

Semester 1: Monday, June 29 to Tuesday, July 14
Semester 2: Wednesday, July 16 to Thursday, July 30


Remedial Programs

Remedial courses are designed for students needing to remediate a course taken during the school year in which they earned an "E". Students will receive credit upon successful completion of each course and payment in full. Payment in full is required at the time of registration.


Tuition Information

Students on free/reduced lunch will only be required to pay 50% of tuition rates. If a student is enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program, students must provide a printed copy of the confirmation letter/email from the NPSD. Please contact the NPSD School Nutrition Services Department for questions regarding this letter.


Full Year Courses:

  • 1 credit
  • 50 hours
  • $320 per course

Semester Courses:

  • .5 credits
  • 25 hours
  • $180 per course

Health and PE Courses:

  • .3 credits
  • 12.5 hours
  • $180 per course


Student Expectations

Students are informed of the need for summer school by phone and/or by email by June 17. If a student is unsure if they need to attend summer school, they should should contact their guidance counselor. The following items are required of all students attending summer school.

  • Online instruction and support at NPHS begins Monday, June 29 and ends Thursday, July 30th (note students have a one-week buffer to complete and submit work). 
  • Students must log in every Monday through Thursday and complete all work to attain credit.
  • Students are expected to complete all assignments and assessments online via Google Classroom.
  • Support will be offered online, Monday through Thursday for the duration of instruction, during specific office hours.
  • If a student doesn’t log in more than twice, he/she will be removed from the program without credit.
  • There will be no refunds due to dismissal from the program or failure.



Registration for summer school will be open from Monday, June 15 at 8:00 am to Wednesday, June 24 at 3:00 pm. You must register online by completing the form here: Please do not mail payments or a tangible registration form to NPHS due to the current shutdown.

Payments can only be made online at; please make sure to complete the registration form above AND payment; both need to be completed to be accurately registered. All payments are non-refundable and must be paid in full at the time of registration. No registrants will be accepted after the registration deadline. Your student will receive an email with confirmation of registration and the join code to the classroom by Friday, June 26th. 


Individuals with questions should contact Sara Rattigan by phone at 215-853-1502 or via email at

Course Offerings 2020


English 9

Code: 0095SS, Teacher: Christine Colosi

English 10

Code: 0004SS, Teacher: Christine Colosi

English 11

Code: 0014SS, Teacher: Diana Dobson-Rodriquez 

British Literature, Semester Course

Code: 0824SS, Teacher: Diana Dobson-Rodriquez

Contemporary American Literature, Semester Course

Code: 0874SS, Teacher: Diana Dobson-Rodriquez

America in History 2

Code: 1095SS, Teacher: Dan Mullarkey

America in History 3

Code: 1004SS, Teacher: Dan Mullarkey

World History II

Code: 1114SS, Teacher: Kyle Quist 

American Government, Semester Course

Code: 1824SS, Teacher: Kyle Quist 

Continental Global Issues

Code: 1864SS, Teacher: Kyle Quist


Code: 2205SS, Teacher: Ryan Kolb

Algebra 2

Code: 2315SS, Teacher: Lisa Wright 

Algebra 3/Trigonometry

Code: 2425SS, Teacher: Ryan Kolb 

Algebra Functions and Data Representations

Code: 2106KSS, Teacher: Lisa Wright

Algebra/Geometry 4

Code: 2744SS, Teacher: Mike Hertz

Algebra Operations and Equations OR Algebra/Geometry 3

Code: 2734SS, Teacher: Mike Hertz


Code: 3004SS, Teacher: Dan Krueger


Code: 3114SS, Teacher: Chris Young

General Science, Semester Course

Code: 3884SS, Teacher: Dan Krueger

Physical Science

Code: 3095SS, Teacher: Chris Young

Health, Semester Course

Code: 7920SS, Teacher: Katie Grunmeier

Physical Education

Code: 7930SS, Teacher: Katie Grunmeier