National Honor Society

Interested in applying to be a member of NHS next year? Below are the basic requirements needed to be considered for admittance. Please be aware that additional requirements will be required in the official application, which will be made available at the activities fair during all lunches on 9/11/19. Additional applications can be picked up after the activities fair in A022 or A024. Applications are due on 9/20/19 by 2:30 PM to A022 or A024; this is a hard deadline with zero exceptions. Students with the last names A-L are required to submit their applications in A024; students with the last names M-Z are required to submit their applications in A022.

Basic admission guidelines include:

  • Junior or Senior at NPHS
  • Academic achievement (5.0 Weighted, Cumulative GPA required, as well as demonstrated an ongoing commitment to academics-- the number of unexcused absences are taken into account)
  • Service to school (as an ongoing commitment--minimum of TWO in school activities required with regular attendance and participation in those activities)
  • Service to community (20 hours minimum completed in past year-09/1/18-09/1/19, as well as demonstrated an ongoing commitment to service that benefits the community at large) 
  • Demonstration of leadership (demonstrated ongoing commitment in a leadership position over an extended period of time)
  • Character (no record of cheating, plagiarism, intentional dishonesty, violating school rules or civil offenses in the community)
  • If accepted into the NHS, you will be required to meet the requirements listed below for current members.

Current members:

  • Join our Google Classroom for up-to-date announcements, meeting reminders, and a place to record your service hours! Email Mrs. Levandowski at or Ms. Haeusser at if you lost the code.
  • When you submit your hours form, if your last name begins with A-L, you will turn them in to Ms. Haeusser in A024; if your last name begins with M-Z, you will turn them in to Mrs. Levandowski in A022.
  • General NHS Requirements include the following:
    • Maintaining a 5.0 cumulative, weighted GPA
    • Attending 6 out of 9 General Membership Meetings
    • Completing 10 service hours in the fall and 20 service hours in the spring
    • Participating in a club-wide fundraiser
    • Attending Induction Practice on 10/21 and Induction on 10/22 at NPHS (mandatory for new inductees only!)
      • Inductees MUST arrive by 6:30 PM on 10/22
      • There will be a mandatory practice for all new members on 10/21 in the NPHS Auditorium at 2:20 PM
    • Submitting your $20 dues on the specified dates 9/25 and 9/27 for 2019-2020 School Year (current members only)
      • Dues MUST be submitted to Mrs. Levandowski in A022 (last names M-L) or Ms. Haeusser in A024 (last names A-L)
      • Checks can be made out to North Penn High School
      • Dues must be delivered in a marked envelope
      • Cash preferred; please no coins!

General Membership Meeting Dates (All meetings begin at 2:20 PM in the NPHS Audion)

  • 9/12/19
  • 10/10/19
  • 11/14/19
  • 12/12/19
  • 1/9/20
  • 2/20/20
  • 3/12/20
  • 4/16/20
  • 5/7/20 (this one is in A033)
  • The MANDATORY (for new inductees) 2019 Induction Practice will take place after school on 10/21 and the mandatory Induction Ceremony will take place on 10/22.