Senior Awards Scholarship Program

Dear Class of 2022,

Congratulations on entering your final semester at North Penn High School! This is the time of the year where you have an opportunity to apply for senior award scholarships.

Below you will find a list of scholarship applications. To access the different scholarship applications, please click on the links and be sure to carefully read their eligibility criteria and due dates. Some scholarship applications are fillable PDFs that you can download and either email or print them out and mail. At the least, you will need Adobe Reader to complete your scholarship application. Click here to download Acrobat Reader if need be. Other scholarship applications, such as the elementary and middle school scholarships, are Google Forms that you will need to complete and submit. The NPEA, Elementary, and Middle School Scholarship application can only be accessed through a student's NP Google account.

It is very important that you pay close attention to the due dates of all the applications. While several scholarship applications have different due dates, please note the elementary and the middle school applications must be submitted no later than April 8, 2022 by 11:55 PM.

During this time, it is critical that you check both this Senior Awards page and your emails regularly, as we will be posting more scholarship applications in the upcoming weeks.


You must be logged in using your North Penn student email address to complete and send your application. Please see the directions listed below:
  1.  Click on your desired scholarship application and download its fillable PDF.
  2. Read over the application thoroughly and gather all the documents that it may require (e.g., transcripts, letters of recommendations, etc.)
  3. Carefully fill out the text fields and then save the form.
  4. Email the completed form and all pertinent documents for the scholarship application to [email protected] unless the directions of a scholarship application says otherwise. 

Make sure to mention in the email if the scholarship requires your transcript and/ or teacher recommendations from Naviance and we will include them with your application.

Please email Mrs. Borchers [email protected] with any questions.

Senior Awards Forms and Applications

NPAGE Scholarship - Due by April 8, 2022

2022 AAUW Lansdale Branch Scholarship Application - Due no later than March 18, 2022

2022 NPEA Scholarship Application - Due by April 8, 2022 
2022 NPSD Elementary School Senior Award Scholarship Application - Due by April 8, 2022

2022 NPSD Middle School Senior Award Scholarship Application - Due by April 8, 2022

2022 Penndale Junior National Honor Society Scholarship Application - Due by April 8, 2022

Al Brodhag Memorial Scholarship - Due by April 8, 2022

Blackledge-Ruediger Scholarship - Due by April 8, 2022

Chris Joy Memorial Scholarship - Due by April 8, 2022

Class of 2020 Scholarship Application - Due by April 8 , 2022

Daniel Tyler Forte Memorial Scholarship Award - Due by April 8, 2022

David Kelley Memorial Scholarship Award - Due by April 8, 2022

Eileen G. (Stotz) Kratz Memorial Scholarship Award- Due by April 8, 2022

Ellis and Ruth Delp Memorial Scholarship - Due by April 8, 2022

Elizabeth Rockhill Memorial Scholarship - Due by April 8, 2022

Indo-American Club Special Achievement Award - Due by April 8, 2022

John Huber Memorial Scholarship Award - Due by April 8, 2022

Kristi Simpson Memorial Scholarship Award for the Performing Arts - Due April 8, 2022

Montgomery County School Nurses’ Association Scholarship Application - Due by March 15, 2022

NPHS Math Department Senior Award for Excellence in Math Application - Due by April 8, 2022

NPSD Future In Nursing Award and George Bancroft Memorial Nursing Scholarship - Due by March 11, 2022 
Susan Hollenbach Scholarship Fund ApplicationDue by April 8, 2022

The Crist Family Foundation Scholarship in Biology - Due April 8, 2022

The Matthew Auzzle Hammerstone Memorial Award Application - Due by April 8, 2022

The Officer William J. Chapman Memorial Scholarship - Completed applications must be postmarked by April 8, 2022