Meet the Guidance Staff

Junior Home Office K025, Class of 2025

Last names A-G: Mrs. Judy McGuriman, [email protected] (215) 853-1237
Last names H-O: Ms. Bianca Adams, [email protected] (215) 853-1278
Last names P-Z: Mr. Brian Daly, [email protected] (215) 853-1299

Senior Home Office D103, Class of 2024

Last names A-G: Mrs. Christine Williams-McCreary, [email protected] (215) 853-1238
Last names H-O: Ms. Jessica Turner, [email protected] (215) 853-1586
Last names P-Z: Mr. John Wilson, [email protected] (215) 853-1131
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Sophomore Home Office F040, Class of 2023

Last names A-G:  Mr. Brandon Turner, [email protected] (215) 853-1289Opening in a new window215) 853-1289

Last names H-N: Mrs. Jennifer Flocco, [email protected](215) 853-1353
Last names O-Z: Mrs. Kara Kolb, [email protected]  (215) 853-1300

Transition Counselors, Room C102

Mrs. Karen Cantor, [email protected] (215) 853-1388
Mr. Tim McCloud, [email protected] (215) 853-1412

College & Career Center, Room K031

Mr. Pat Brett  [email protected] (215) 853-1244