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So You Want to Come to the Library...

Excellent!  We want you to come!
  Here's how it works (for now).  As we've learned over the last year and a half,  things can change, so please check back from time to time for updates.

Will you need a pass?  It depends.


When you DON'T need a pass:

  • Brief visits (< 5 minutes) that can be done between classes or on your way to lunch, for instance: printing a document that is finished & ready.
    • Getting to class on time is still your responsibility.
  • Before school: no pass required, but you must have a library-specific need
  • After school: no pass required; please sign in


When you DO need a pass:

During your lunch or study hall:

  1. Request a pass using this form:
  2. Receive your digital pass by email
  3. Go to your scheduled location (study hall or cafeteria) and sign out first, before coming to the library
    • Yes, this includes lunch!
  4. Sign in when you arrive in the library


  • For individual work (not to meet up with friends or congregate in groups)
  • 3' (+) social distancing required; respect table limits.
  • There is a cap on how many passes are allowed per period.  The form will show whether there are still passes for the period you want.

Teacher Passes

  • Your teacher may write you a pass to come to the library during their class period.
  • Teachers are asked not to write library passes for lunch or study hall use; students should use the form above to request lunch / study-hall passes.


Special situations:

  • Late arrival / Early release
    • "No school period 1" or "No school period 8":  These students are expected not to be in the building.
      • You may not use our form to request a library pass in this situation
      • You may not come to the library without a pass
      • The only passes we can accept in these situations must come from your Home Office
        •  HOOFs won't routinely give passes under these circumstances
    • Gifted Mentorship / Work Study / Dual Enrollment
      • Rules vary.  See your supervisor, advisor, or HOOF for guidance on what to do if you're in the building when you would normally be off site.
      • We will accommodate the policies of each program.

Questions?  Problems?  Need help virtually? 
Email Mr. Ramsey to get help by email or to set up a Google Meet.


Use the Chromebook support form to make an appointment with Technology staff to meet in E-122 (not in the library this year).
After Tech has confirmed your appointment time, you will meet them in E-122.  Bring your broken device and charger!



We do not have nearly as many loaner Chromebooks this year. Generally speaking, if you forget your CB, you'll have to muddle through the day without one. Just like remembering your homework, it is your responsibility to remember your CB.

The IMC has a very limited number of loaner Chromebooks, reserved for special circumstances (approved by Tech or HOOF, or to take a test or quiz).

Sorry for the inconvenience, but we don't have enough spares to accommodate every student who simply forgets.



Need to access our databases, e-books, or streaming audio-books from home?
See the "Accessing from Home" tab on our Databases page!