About NPCC

North Penn Coordinating Council
North Penn Parents Making Connections

The Coordinating Council of North Penn School District provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and promotes an ongoing relationship among the schools, administration, school board and district community.

The council meets on a monthly basis during the academic year. The format of the general membership meeting is a presentation by a guest speaker, followed by a business meeting. All North Penn parents are invited to attend the guest speaker's presentation and the question/answer session that follows. Only Coordinating Council representatives participate in the business meeting, sharing information from their own schools and receiving information from others. In most cases, two parents represent each organization.

The North Penn Coordinating Council (NPCC) is a non-profit, parent-driven organization. NPCC does not endorse any individual programs, schools, or the theories or practices of any individual person. Messages contained here are for informational purposes and should not be interpreted as endorsements.