Summer Education Program

Summer Education Program


North Penn High School will be offering a virtual course recovery opportunity via the 2021 Summer School Program. Online instruction begins Monday, June 28 and ends Thursday, July 29. There will be an additional few days to complete work, with a hard deadline of Sunday, August 1 at midnight to allow students to complete any missed work. All courses are offered via our online program, Edgenuity, taught by our North Penn teachers. Your student will receive an email with a confirmation registration and the Edgenuity login information by Wednesday, June 23.



Our summer education program is designed for students needing to remediate a course taken during the school year in which they earned an "E". Students will be notified of eligibility from their counselor between June 14 and June 16. Students will receive credit upon the successful completion of each course. Students may only take two (2) full credits during summer school. If any student wants to take more than two full credits, it will have to be approved by his/her building principal.





Student Expectations

Students must:

  • Complete the initial course assessment on Monday, June 28 to gauge their needs
  • Meet the weekly teacher-denoted progress goals. If not, students are required to attend in-person support sessions
  • Complete all assignments and assessments to reach at least a 65% overall (not relative) grade in the course


Support for Students

  • In-person support for any student will be offered Monday through Thursday for the duration of instruction at North Penn High School in rooms E022 and E023 from 8:00am-11:00am.
  • Online support for all students will also be offered via Google Meets, by their teacher, Monday through Thursday for the duration of instruction from 8:00am-11:00am.
  • Students who have a weekly score below a 60% will be required, by their teacher, to attend in-person support or online support until his/her grade is above a 60%. If your student does not attend, he/she will be removed from the program
  • Students are also welcome to attend in-person instruction if they have above a 60% and would like additional support
  • Our support teachers will include specific content-area teachers and special education teachers



You must register online by completing the online registration form below beginning Wednesday, June 16 and ending on Tuesday, June 22 at 12:00 pm. Tangible registration forms will not be accepted. Do not mail anything to NPHS.



Individuals with questions should contact Nick Taylor via email at

Course Offerings 2021


English 9

Code: 0095SS

English 10

Code: 00004KSS

English 11

Code: 0015SS

British Literature, Semester Course

Code: 0825SS

Contemporary American Literature, Semester Course

Code: 0875SS

America in History 2

Code: 1095SS

America in History 3

Code: 1005SS

World History II

Code: 1115SS

American Government, Semester Course

Code: 1825SS

Continental Global Issues

Code: 1865SS


Code: 2205SS

Algebra 2

Code: 2315SS

Algebra 3/Trigonometry

Code: 2425SS

Algebra Functions and Data Representations

Code: 2106KSS

Algebra/Geometry 4

Code: 2744SS

Algebra Operations and Equations OR Algebra/Geometry 3

Code: 2734SS


Code: 3005KSS


Code: 3114SS

General Science, Semester Course

Code: 3884SS

Physical Science

Code: 3095SS

Health, Semester Course

Code: 7920SS

Physical Education

Code: 7930SS