Summer Education Program

NPSD Secondary Summer Education Program 2024


North Penn High School will offer a course recovery opportunity via the 2024 NPHS Secondary Summer School Program. Online instruction begins Monday, June 24th, and ends Thursday, July 25th. There will be an additional few days to complete work, with a hard deadline on Sunday, July 28th, at midnight to allow students to complete any missed work. All courses are offered via our online program, Imagine Edgenuity, and North Penn staff serve as teachers of record for the classes. Your student will receive an email confirming registration and the Edgenuity login information on Monday, June 24, 2024 (on this day, all Summer School students will be expected to attend an in-person prescriptive test at North Penn High School to begin the course). If students have multiple courses, students may need to continue taking prescriptive tests on Tuesday, June 25, 2024, Wednesday, June 26, 2024, and/or Thursday, June 27, 2024. 


Our summer education program is designed for students needing to remediate a course during the school year in which they earned an ‘E.’ Their counselor will notify students of eligibility mid June.  Once students know which courses for which they are eligible for summer remediation, a Registration Form (Google Form) will be available for students starting June 12, and it will close on June 17. 

Students will receive credit upon the successful completion of each course. Students may only take up to three courses during summer school. Any NPHS student who wants to take more than three courses must gain approval from the building principal, Mr. Kyle Hassler.

Cost: Free to Students

Course Offerings 

Below are the courses we offer. Your student must have earned an ‘E’ in the NP course to be eligible to remediate.


Algebra 1

English 7

Algebra 2

English 8

Algebra 3/Trigonometry OR Trigonometry/Calculus

English 9

Algebra Functions & Data Representations

English 10

Algebra/Geometry 3

English 11

Algebra/Geometry 4

Environmental Science

Algebra Operations & Linear Equations

General Science (semester)**

 Intermediate Algebra  

America in History 1


America in History 2


America in History 3

Integrated Science 7

American Government (semester)

Integrated Science 8

British Literature (semester)

Physical Education


Physical Science



Contemporary American Literature (semester)

World Cultures & Geography

General Social Studies (semester)***

World History

**General Science is offered for students that need to remediate the following courses: Botany, Ecology, Marine Science, Meteorology 

*** General social studies is offered for students that need to remediate the following courses: Psychology, Performance Psych, Sociology, Economics, African American Studies, Contemporary Global Issues, World Religions, etc. 

Student Expectations 

Students must: 

Complete the initial course assessment (prescriptive test) on Monday, June 24th at 8 am (at North Penn High School) to gauge their needs. 

Meet the weekly teacher-denoted progress goals. If not, students are required to attend in-person support sessions. 

Complete all assignments and assessments to reach at least a 65% overall (not relative) grade in the course 

Support for Students 

In-person support FOR ANY STUDENT will be offered Monday through Thursday for instruction at North Penn High School in rooms E017 and E016 from 8:00 am - 11:00 am. 

Online support FOR ALL STUDENTS will also be offered via Google Meets by their teacher, Monday through Thursday, for instruction from 8:00 am - 11:00 am. 

Students with a weekly score below 60% will be required by their teacher to attend in-person or online support until their grade is above a 60%.

Students are also welcome to attend in-person instruction if they have above a 60% and would like additional support. 

Our support teachers will include specific content-area teachers and special education teachers.


The 2024 NPHS Secondary Summer School Program registration window is closed. It opened on June 12 and closed on June 17, 2024. 

Contact Information 

Individuals with questions should contact Mr. Kenneth Bui ([email protected]).   

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 2024  NPHS Secondary Summer School Program work?


The NPHS Secondary Summer School Program requires students to complete courses through Edgenuity. The courses run asynchronously, meaning no live instruction from a teacher. A teacher of record is available via email, Google Meet, and in person to address questions. For more information, please visit Imagine Edgenuity


When does the 2024 NPHS Secondary Summer School Program start and end?


Students will receive an email containing their Edgenuity login information to access their course(s) by Friday, June 23rd. Courses will go live starting on Monday, June 24th. Students must complete coursework on Friday, July 26th at 11:59 PM.


Can a student complete their summer school course before July 26th?


Yes. Since Edgenuity courses are self-paced, the more time students spend completing the coursework, the sooner they can meet the target completion date.


What kind of support is offered in the 2024 NPHS Summer Education Program?


Students can come to North Penn High School Monday through Thursday from 8 am to 11 am to receive in-person support for completing coursework. To be clear, teachers are not delivering instruction; they are simply helping the students complete the coursework assigned in the Edgenuity course(s). Also, students can meet with teachers via Google Meet if they do not have transportation to NPHS.


Is transportation provided to NPHS for the summer education program?


No, transportation is not provided for the NPHS Summer Education Program. However, while transportation is provided for ESY (Extended School Year), that program differs entirely from the NPHS Summer Education Program.


Is there a daily schedule for the 2024 NPHS Secondary Summer School Program?


Students are not expected to log into their courses at a specific time. Students complete coursework at their own pace at whatever time they prefer; however, it is recommended that the students set up a consistent work schedule to ensure they meet their courses’ daily goals.


What happens if a student does not meet a course’s daily goals?


If a student is not meeting the daily goal of a course, that will increase the timing of the daily goal. For example, if a course has an initial daily goal of 45 minutes of work completion and the student does not meet that goal, the new timing of the daily goal could increase to 60 minutes or more of work completion. 


What happens after the conclusion of the NPHS Secondary Summer School Program?


Summer school grades will be uploaded promptly in Infinite Campus, and school counselors may adjust students’ course schedules for the upcoming school year accordingly. 

What do the Actual Grade, Overall Grade, and Relative Grade mean?

Actual Grade - is the overall grade adjusted for progress if a student is behind. The aim is to show the impact of pacing on the student's course grade. 

Overall Grade - is the weighted average grade for completed activities based on the grade weights for each type of activity. The aim is to show mastery of content and skills in the course.

Relative Grade - is the grade a student would receive if they stopped working and received 0% for all unscored, counted activities. It provides a metric that can be used if a student drops the course.

What grade is recorded in Infinite Campus?

The Actual Grade will be recorded in Infinite Campus.