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We are currently working to place our community fall swim lessons on the website. Please check back as we are updating our COVID protocols for the fall. We hope to have our registration go live on Monday, August 30.

We will be instructing from the deck again this fall with the lesson levels that are posted below. We will hold Saturday morning lessons along with after school lessons. Dates and times will be posted soon. If you have any questions, please contact Rhonda Diliberto, Aquatic Director at

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The levels below are for 7 - 13 year-olds with instructors teaching from the deck:

Freestyle/Backstroke Development

To be enrolled into this level the swimmer must have knowledge of the overarm stroke (freestyle) with breathing to the side. Skills that will be taught during the Freestyle/Backstroke Development level will be perfecting the freestyle stroke with a stroke/stroke/breathe to the side technique, tread water, skull and kick, diving progression and backstroke.

Advanced Stroke Development

To be enrolled in the Advanced Stroke Development level the swimmer must know the freestyle and backstroke. Skills taught at this level will be elementary backstroke, side stroke, breast stroke and diving progression. North Penn School District

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For more information contact:

Rhonda Diliberto, Aquatic Director


Jeff Faikish, Asst. Aquatic Director

Competitive Swimming Coordinator


Jason Grubb, Head Water Polo Coordinator