Aquatics Program


Community Aquatics Program Information 

  Limited Summer Swim Lesson Available

Make up class will only be held if North Penn cancels. NO MAKE ups for missed classes. 

Registration can be found at

Class levels and groupings

Water Acclimation - (3-6)

Level 1 - NON-swimmers - Will use floats to have your child get used to movement in the water and develop an enjoyment in the pool.

Level 2 - Movement without attached floats. Developing a strong kick and movement with the face in the water. Working on increasing comfort level 

Swim Development - (4 + up)

Level 3 - Freestyle swim/kick/breathing - Introduction of backstroke 

Level 4 - Freestyle/backstroke swimming 20 yards at a time (1 width of the pool). Introduction into Butterfly/Breaststroke 

Swim Proficiency - (5 + up)

Level 5 - Swimming each stroke 20 yards at a time (1 width of the pool)

Level 6 - Swimming each stroke multiple laps at a time (pre-team)