Aquatics Program


Community Aquatics Program Information Website

Swim Lessons are on hold pending the hiring of a new Aquatics Director.

Please continue to check the website: for information.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lessons are $70 for 7 classes.

Make up class will only be held if North Penn cancels. NO MAKE ups for missed classes. 

Registration can be found at

Class levels and groupings

Water Acclimation - (3-6)

Level 1 - NON-swimmers - Will use floats to have your child get used to movement in the water and develop an enjoyment in the pool.

Level 2 - Movement without attached floats. Developing a strong kick and movement with the face in the water. Working on increasing comfort level 

Swim Development - (4 + up)

Level 3 - Freestyle swim/kick/breathing - Introduction of backstroke 

Level 4 - Freestyle/backstroke swimming 20 yards at a time (1 width of the pool). Introduction into Butterfly/Breaststroke 

Swim Proficiency - (5 + up)

Level 5 - Swimming each stroke 20 yards at a time (1 width of the pool)

Level 6 - Swimming each stroke multiple laps at a time (pre-team)