ImPACT Testing

ImPACT is intended for use as a computer-based neurocognitive test to aid in the assessment and management of a concussion. ImPACT is not intended to provide a diagnosis or a decision about the test taker. The results should be interpreted by a qualified medical professional. It is not to be used to determine return to play activity.

At North Penn High School each athlete, participating in a sport in which contact is possible, will receive a Baseline ImPACT test prior to participating in their sport. Cross country, Tennis, Bowling, and Track (expect pole vaulters) are exempt from this test. The baseline test is good for 2 years so any sports they play within those 2 years, the initial baseline test will cover. An athlete needs a new baseline test 2 years after their first one OR if they sustain a concussion (they need a new one before their next sport). The tests are taken at home. Once the athlete is registered on, a link will be sent to the corresponding email address. The ImPACT test must be taken before the athlete can participate in sports. 

Post concussion ImPACT tests are sometimes given when the treating physician asks for it to be of the treatment plan. It is contraindicated to give an ImPACT test when the athlete is still having symptoms so this test is never given during that time. If the doctor requests the results of the baseline, we are happy to provide them.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the Athletic Training Room at 215-853-1324.