Learn to Swim Lessons for Children

Learn to Swim North Penn Community Aquatics will offer Freestyle/Backstroke Development and Advanced Stroke Development classes this spring for children. ages 7 to 13. There are only four students in each class with an instructor teaching from the deck. Strict Covid regulations will be enforced. Our programs of instruction are taught by experienced instructors and the teacher-student ratio for our Saturday Morning, Monday/Wednesday, and Tuesday/Thursday After School Lessons will be 1 to 4.

Please note: Monday/Wednesday and Tuesday/Thursday lessons will be running concurrently with the North Penn High School Water Polo Team.

New Covid Guidelines

Swim lessons will be taught from the deck by an instructor. Instructors will wear a mask or face shield and will maintain a 6-foot distance from swimmers. Swim lessons will be limited due to state, county, and district guidelines. Masks must be worn as soon as you exit the car in the North Penn High School parking lot. Swimmers and one parent will enter the building through the pool lobby doors. Temperatures will be taken with a no-touch forehead thermometer along with answering a Covid questionnaire in the pool lobby before entering the pool area. Swimmers, along with one parent, will sit in the first set of bleachers as soon as you enter the pool area and maintain a 6-foot distance from other parents/swimmers. North Penn locker rooms are closed. Swimmers are not permitted to change in the locker rooms and must wear their bathing suits to and from the pool under their clothing. Restroom facilities will be available in the pool lobby. There is no changing in the restrooms. All parents and swimmers will exit the facility after their lessons through the pool lobby doors.

Please bring a Ziplock bag with your child's name clearly written on it. Their face masks will be taken off, and then placed in the Ziplock bag and put on the pool deck before entering the water for their lessons. As soon as the swimmer exits the pool they will put their mask back on and the mask will remain on until they reach their car.

Registration Information for:

Saturday Morning Learn to Swim Lessons

Monday and Wednesday After School Learn to Swim Lessons

Tuesday and Thursday After School Learn to Swim Lessons