Health Suite Information


Please click on the following link for complete information: School/NPHS Information/Health Info/PAIMMUNIZATIONREQUIREMENTS.pdf

School Nurses: E-Mail Addresses Weekly Schedule Phone
Karen Skillman, RN CSN

M T W T F 215-853-1335
Laura Yaron, RN CSN M T W T F 215-853-1336
Debbie Ciafrei, RN CSN Thursdays 215-853-1339
Staff Nurses:
Roseann Valone LPN M T W T F 215-853-1337
Jackie Kivlin, LPN M T W T F 215-853-1338
Misheal Gayle RN M T W T F 215-853-1339

Secretary, Donna Marino M T W T F 215-853-1334

To contact the NPHS Health Suite call 215-853-1334



Please let us know if your child has any change in their health status.

Please update the Emergency Information for your student on Home Access Center

PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS ( due for all 11th grade students)


The Private Physician Report of Physical Examination and the Medical Examination Permission forms are available on the NPSD website. Private physical examinations are accepted from September of your child's sophomore year through October 15 for the current junior class.

Private Physical Examination Form

School Physical Exams will be scheduled. Dates will be posted soon.

School Physical Examination Permission


Medication Permission/Policy Form

Permission to Carry or Self-Administer Asthma Inhaler

Permission to Carry or Self-Administer Epipen

Health Screenings

Vision Screenings are completed for all students every school year

Hearing screening for the Junior class take place in September every year.

Growth Screenings (ht/wt) are completed for all students every school year.

School Nurse News

Happenings in School

It will be flu season soon! As always, hand washing is the best defense against the spread of germs, but we do encourage families to get an annual flu shot. Below are some resources for free flu shots.

Free FLU Shots

Free FLU Shots (Spanish)